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Anatomy of An Insight: Angkasa Pura Last Minute Souvenir

This idea is almost so obvious, that it nearly makes you angry that you did not come up with something similar yourself.

Angkasa Pura (company operating Indonesian airports) in conjunction with Indonesian tourism board launched a series of small paper packages showing the stories and designs behind the humble Indonesian coin:

Angkasa Pura Last Minute Souvenir

Turning forgettable coin to unforgettable souvenir

When you open them up, they work as a display stand where you can fit a leftover coin from your trip to Indonesia. These could be picked up for free in Indonesia´s airport:


Insight: When you are traveling abroad, you will have bunch of foreign coins you cannot really use anywhere. What if you would turn something worthless into something worth remembering?

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Anatomy of An Insight: Sizzl

Moving at the speed of culture has been the catchphrase for many marketers lately.

Oscar Mayer is one of the brands, that has turned that phrase into brand behavior.

Internet has love affair with bacon

Internet loves bacon. Actually there are more bacon-related conversations than there is chatter about Kanye West, Tom Cruise and Lady Gaga combined. They have been the bacon brand that has been capitalizing that eternal love for bacon. Oscar Mayer has done Bacon alarm clock and bacon branded content. Now their newest app will help you to find your true love (for bacon):

Insight: Tinder has become mainstream in the mating game*. When selecting for a potential partner, what could be more important than his or her preference of bacon?

Tinder for bacon-lovers

Tinder for bacon-lovers

Will people really start to use this app?

Probably not, but at least it grabs headlines and increases the brand love among bacon-loving Internet. The brand´s behavior online underlines their belief and dedication to bacon. And that is a noble mission.

*When I started dating my now-wife, we weren´t even on Facebook. We had to rely on real-life Tinder: going to bars. Kids have it easier nowadays.

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Anatomy of An Insight: Sakura Water Heater Share A Shower

A little bit of Chinese weirdness for this hazy Tuesday:

Insight: Back to the advertising basics with this campaign. Sometimes all you have to do is to make the product benefit really tangible. Even by using naked men.

The whole campaign case study is worth a watch.

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Anatomy of An Insight: Straight Outta Somewhere

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge…

Biopic about NWA “Straight Outta Compton” has been a massive box office hit. That did not surprise me at all. Middle-aged dudes go watch it because of nostalgia and younger blokes still know Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. It´s a bit like gangsta rap Expendables. I would naturally go see the film straight away, but I doubt it will be probably banned in Singapore:

The online campaign (for movie & Beats headphones as well) has also been really successful for the film. Meme generator “Straight Outta Somewhere” has been visited already over 4 million times. In the site you can do your own “Straight Outta Compton” –meme:


Insight: No matter where you from, you want to rep your hood.

Many marketers are wary of user-generated content. It is hard to get people to take part in those campaigns. If they do take a part, the content is quite often shitty and x-rated.

That does not mean you should not do campaigns with “participation element”. The participation has to be as easy as possible. With “Straight Outta Somewhere” you just decide where you are from and upload the picture. Everyone who shares stuff in Internet knows the construct of a meme. It also helps to have some famous celebs to add fuel to the fire in their social media channels:

serenawilliamsstraightoutta jlostraightoutta


Majority of brands do not realize that when people are starting to make parodies, that is when your campaign starts to be popular. Beats has truly embraced (read: not deleted) the funny memes which naturally are shared more often than boring brand content.


If you want people to take part with your campaign:

    1. Make it easy to participate
    2. Do not reinvent the wheel: use formats that people know
    3. Kickstart with influencers
    4. Embrace (don´t censor) the parodies
    5. Partner up (the lines are blurred, is the website advertising the movie or headphones? No matter, it is a hit)

…Word to the mother*cker
Straight outta Compton

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Anatomy of An Insight: Pampers Pooface

Sometimes your whole ad can be filled with the most obvious clichés and it still works:


  • Everything looks more epic in slow motion.
  • Everything sounds more epic with “Also Sprach Zarathustra” as a soundtrack.
  • Babies are cute even when they are releasing the brown trout.

It takes skill to be totally predictable, but still totally on point.

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Anatomy of An Insight: The Self-Destructing Book

Book industry has been shaken by the digital revolution. The act of reading has not become old, but especially the marketing of books has remained pretty much the same. Too often publishers have regarded digital as an enemy instead of embracing its possibilities. Instead of thinking about being in business of great stories, the publishers and writers have been obsessed with physical copies of the books. That is just a one channel for a great story. Digital can bring many other great channels to bring those stories into life and reach new target audience as well.

James Patterson has benefited from digital change and he was the first writer to surpass 1 million sold e-books. Not surprisingly, he is also a former adman. He knows to buy a good campaign when he sees it:

The Self-Destructing Book – Case Study from Self-Destructing Book on Vimeo.

Insight: Patterson´s books are about binge reading. His fans want to read the book in a one go. The self-destructing book expands this behavior and connects relevantly to the themes of the book. The book remains the same, but the environment where you read it has been altered to suit the mood of the book as well.

Starting with the most devoted fans first is a mechanic that gets thrown too often in idea sessions. Usually the biggest problem is that majority of the brands do not really have those hardcore fans or are even tempting to early adopters. In this case gathering to the small devoted minority makes perfect sense.

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Anatomy of An Insight: Nazis Against Nazis

It is hard to imagine a more deplorable event than Nazis marching in town where Rudolf Hess was buried. Luckily these sad creatures got a dose of creative thinking and became part of the Germany´s most involuntary charity walk:

Insight: You fight against hate with love. Sarcasm is also the best tool to insult stupid people (i.e. Nazis) without them realizing it.

Sometimes the best way to beat them is to join them., regardless how dishonorable they are.

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Anatomy of An Insight: Hungry Jack´s Pack That Scares Birds

It is an award season and there is a sudden torrent of relatively dubious case study videos popping up. Not any idea is the following campaign really executed, but it would be awesome if it would be. Some brilliant and functional packaging design shown in here:

Hungry Jack’s – The Pack That Scares Birds from Sarah Parris on Vimeo.

Insight: There is not anything better than eat junk food outside. Unfortunately almost anywhere from Helsinki to Singapore birds are ruining that experience. Pigeons and other parasitic birds are shameless and aggressive in attacking your meal. When shooting is (unfortunately) out of question, we need different solutions to keep pests away from our fries.

The solution shown in this video looks valid at least based on my experience on building scarecrows. Unfortunately birds tend to get accustomed to many of these methods, so it would be interesting to know how long the holographic packaging actually scares the birds.

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Anatomy of An Insight: Rexona Social Experiment

I love doing work that is simple but insightful.

Too often we, as marketers, end up complicating things by weird marketing talk and creating irrelevant associations with our products that are not true. We just should try to be as authentic as possible and honest on what we do. Therefore the recent content series we have been doing with Rexona has been refreshing to do. It is all based on insight about the product and its need on our markets and nothing else.

This is the social experiment from Indonesia (don´t worry if your bahasa is a little bit rusty, you will get the idea):

Insight: People will not say to your face if you smell, but they talk about it behind your back.

The campaign is currently live in Indonesia and Brazil and has gained already over 1,5 million views.

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Anatomy of An Insight: This Girl Can

This could almost be Nike ad (that is highest compliment for an ad I have)

Insight: There is currently a gender gap in sports in UK. The amount of females doing sports is only 66% compared to men. One of the main reasons holding women back is the fear of judgment (apparently guys do not fear it). Women think that other people in gym are semiprofessional low body fat athletes, when in reality everyone can benefit and enjoy from doing sports.

You should not also think about how you look when doing sports, because every one looks stupid when doing sports. Case-in-point: the all-time greatest basketball player Michael Jordan:

michael jordan tongue wag

Michael Jordan and his trademark tongue wag

More important is that when repeated enough times, doing sports makes you look better afterwards.

Will this ad change the sports habits of UK women?

Not solely. It is a great rally cry and provides inspiration for women to take on sports. The usage of regular women in the Nike-esque ad powerfully conveys the message, that everyone can do sports. That is important starting point and good kickstarter for the habit hange

Inspiration is not really enough to change a habit. It is a main component in motivation, but you also have to make sure to address cue, routine and reward to make it stick. Therefore it is interesting to see will “This Girl Can”-campaign play solely on inspiration space or will it expand to even more concrete actions.

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