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“When I didn’t have a mic, I rapped on headphones”

Although I am white dude from suburban Finland, I have always been quite serious hiphop-head. This song below has always been one of the favorites. Raw simple drums and raw battle rhymes. That is all you need in a perfect hiphop-song:

One Charizma line has become a legendary hiphop-quotable from the song. It is almost like a rally cry for the indie hiphop movement and DIY spirit in mid 90´s and early 2000:

“ When I didn´t have a mic, I rapped on headphones”

For those who know, in the absence of microphone you can usually plug headphones to microphone input of mixer (I have done that as well). More street credible rappers have also been known to rap their records in telephones from jails. However, the line has lived on through the years within the song and also with this cool t-shirt designed by Parra:
Now 18 years later, this legendary line has found again a new life with this awesome collaboration by headphone brand AIAIAI and legendary West Coast record label Stones Throw records. You can actually get to the record by rapping to your headphones:

This project is a great example that although you do a contest it can have some innovation with it. The contest promotes actual product launch. Many headphone brands do bespoken collaboration products and some might also do music contests. Stones Throw & AIAIAI have been one of the best ones creating quite holistic and enjoyable consumer experience from the website to the app. Because of that legendary Charizma line, it also makes perfect sense for headphone brand.

Also a good example that you should mine your good ideas way more often from old underground rap songs.

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The Art of Making Effective Facebook Ads

Although I am strong believer of catching attention by any (relevant) means necessary, this ad seriously baffled me:

Are you getting design services from guy, who has a watermelon in his head?
Or is the watermelon head representing guy who needs design help?
I think he definitely needs some kind of professional help, but I would not be worrying about the design. Unless you get some psychiatric advice in addition to the design services, which apparently cost less than a cup of coffee.

On the other hand I saw the ad and started to think about it, which is way more than I can say about the majority of FB ads.
The challenge with Facebook ads is that you seem to notice only the really weird ads, which you would never click on.
When you have small space to work on, it is difficult to get noticed but still be relevant.
Difficult but not impossible.

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