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The Art of Making Effective Facebook Ads

Although I am strong believer of catching attention by any (relevant) means necessary, this ad seriously baffled me:

Are you getting design services from guy, who has a watermelon in his head?
Or is the watermelon head representing guy who needs design help?
I think he definitely needs some kind of professional help, but I would not be worrying about the design. Unless you get some psychiatric advice in addition to the design services, which apparently cost less than a cup of coffee.

On the other hand I saw the ad and started to think about it, which is way more than I can say about the majority of FB ads.
The challenge with Facebook ads is that you seem to notice only the really weird ads, which you would never click on.
When you have small space to work on, it is difficult to get noticed but still be relevant.
Difficult but not impossible.

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