Riku Vassinen, Head Of Digital in JWT Singapore where I help companies to transform their business digitally. I was also Strategy Director for R/GA Singapore for four years.

Before my time in Singapore, I used to work as a creative strategist in N2, TBWA and was the Head of MySpace in Finland. I have gotten couple of trophies (Back2Back Grand Effies among them) during my career and been working with some of the biggest and the best clients in the world. I am passionate about groundbreaking insights, big data and finding ways to affect the customer behavior.

I have written two books. The first one “Digital Footprint”got the award for the best marketing book of the 2011. The second one “Moccalattehipsteri” got raving feedback as well. I was the most read marketing blogger in Finland until I retired from those duties after four years.

Outside marketing I am addicted to sports. 15 marathons, Crossfit every weekday and one broken teeth from basketball. Nevertheless, or because of that, still going strong.

I used to play records in clubs and rhyme a little when I was young and chubbier. Now that I am old, more lean and more bitter, I only collect vinyl records from various genres and worry about the state of hiphop.

If I have time from work, sports & music, I try to read books & magazines, eat & cook quality food & watch movies (quality and not).

The views are my own and do not represent anything but me. Sometimes not even that.

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