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Everyone has A Plan Until They Are Punched In The Face (Ogilvy Quench 2.12.2020)

Yesterday I was talking in Ogilvy Quench, which is sort of TedTalk or Pecha Kucha for Ogilvy fraternity. Very interesting talks on how cursing is good for you (f*ck yeah), should you pronounce “GIF” or “JIF” (the latter) or the enjoyment of cryptic crosswords (“enjoyment”).

For my talk I went to more personal route and talked about a challenge affecting more and more couples nowadays, but which is not talked enough about.

I talked about our problems in trying to have a child.

It was quite a rollercoaster for four years which shaped ours philosophy and outlook of life. The feedback after the talk was something I haven´t experienced before (mainly because majority of my talks are just marketing jargon spiced up with some lame jokes). Many people have reached out to me privately to thank and share their experiences. With this subject I am only expert of experience so my views are very subjective. This is just one story which actually in this case got happy ending. Quite often it does not (or at least the ending you envision). However I found it helpful during those times to be open and transparent of challenges we were facing and we got lots of support when we opened up.

The presentation can be seen above.

For those of you who go to the end of the presentation can also notice that I have new book coming up next year. It is guide to brand purpose but in Finnish style: simple, practical and brutally honest. Maybe some cursing as it will be good for you. I am writing it with couple of great writers (I don´t know why I am in the group, probably as a mascot).

More info on the book coming soon.

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