The First Book That Originated from Clubhouse

I wrote my first book together with Antti Isokangas 11 years ago. Collaboration worked well and although that book was about digital transformation and written when MySpace was still a thing, we still get monthly (positive) messages about it.

We thought it would be nice to do something together again.

With Jani Niipola we started hosting weekly sessions about brand purpose in Clubhouse.

They were fun, thought-provoking and attended by great vocal people. After every session it felt that there is so much more to discover and discuss about the topic. Creative juices started flowing. Topics started to emerge and ideas bounced around. Things escalated from talking to writing. We started to dig deeper into this most overhyped and misunderstood term in marketing right now.

So I am very happy to announce that we have signed a publishing deal on our new book.

It will be the definitive book about brand purpose.
Simple, transparent and brutally honest.
No bullshit, jargon or boring examples.
(some dad jokes thrown in for good measure)

So essentially the Purpose book to end all the books about brand purpose.

Out early 2022.

Excited, energized and slightly scared about this.

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