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Ruining The User Experience at The Last Mile

Even some of the best web services fail with the last mile. It took minutes for me to fulfill all the password requirements for this web service:


The whole process with the passwords is unsatisfying at best and downright painful at worst (like in the example stated below). The passwords in general are not safe and the whole idea of doing a random list of characters, numbers mixed with upper and lower case is quite outdated. It is more annoyance than something that truly improves your security.

If even Edward Snowden is advocating passphrases, I would recommend majority of web services to change their password policies to favor passphrases (e.g. icanuse4wordsbaby instead of tRes4$Ce). It would improve both security and user experience. And as a user you would also remember your passwords better.

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Moment of Truth for Your Brand is Always

I have had great experience every time I have flown TigerAir. I like the new look and the booking process  has been pleasant on their site. When I was booking a flight to Kuala Lumpur, my user experience was this:

Tigerair Missed Opportunity
Did I try again later?

Hell no, I booked my flight elsewhere. Planning the holiday is fun and you can spend hours and hours for that dreaming phase. After that dreamy planning, the actual booking of the holiday (especially from budget airline) is just a fast transaction. You want to those chores as fast as possible.

All the nice branding and positive experiences won´t help you if you fail in the basics. It is totally ridiculous that airlines (Tigerair is not the only one) seem to buy their most business-critical functions from wholesale. There should never be a situation of heavy traffic in airline site, if you really think about it. You should not be cheapskate in all the things, even though you are budget brand. Because in that category being effective always trumps brand loyalty.

In certain categories, your moment-of-truth is always.

Tiger failed when they should have performed and also missed sure sale as well. Actually I had to buy the flights from other airline, which has less friendly UI and far more ugly logo as well. Their site just was not down when it was the moment-of-truth for my transaction.

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