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Hello all,

I just arrived to Austin yesterday and will be here for a week as part of wonderful delegation from JWT & Mirum Asia-Pacific:


Our group in SXSW 

We will be sharing content every day from the interesting talks in our blogs:




Despite having had relatively rough start in Austin due to jet lag and cramping leg after cruel flight, I had full day of talks already today.  You can read some of my observations in our blog:

Why Living in Singapore Makes You Perfectly Prepared for SXSW?

How I Found The Happiness in SXSW 2018

If anyone reading this blog is in Austin, hit me up on different social media channels.

It would be great to meet.

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No Digital Strategy

I had this presentation couple of months ago in Finland talking about the need of having digital in the core of your business and not as a separate unit.
Actually this presentation has quite bittersweet tone for me because the organizer of the event went bankrupt and I only got like 30% of my speaking fee. First time that ever happened.
Well hopefully you enjoy this:
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