Anatomy of An Insight: Diesel Erotica China

Wise brands should venture where the people are, but other brands do not dare to venture:

Insight: Like in Avenue Q song, Internet is for porn, with over third of web traffic pointing to pornographic sites. That is naturally quite tricky opportunity for brands to exploit, but Diesel did a great work with this campaign. Just because other brands are not there does not necessarily mean that your brand could not be there. It is risky of course, but great advertising usually is.

On a related note, this is a brilliant case study from Eat24 about their experiments on advertising on porn sites. I especially like the creative execution. There are other brands that could take advantage of those cheap CPM prices in the adult sites. For example it would seem quite no-brainer for telcos to advertise their fast broadband connections on the X-rated sites.

While regular brands try to go rude, the rude brands try to go regular. One of the biggest adult sites PornHub has been on a search for creative director to create their first national SFW ad campaign. Some of the entries were quite innovative:
Pornhub Advertising

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