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Why Donald Trump Won The Election? Three Lessons for Marketers

Trump was not elected on a platform of decency, fairness, moderation, compromise, and the rule of law; he was elected, in the main, on a platform of resentment.
– David Remnick (New Yorker)

Yesterday was a shocking day.

During the presidential race Donald Trump has showcased racism, hatred for women and downright lack of manners that should not be tolerable for leader of any organisation, not to mention the most powerful country of the world. I hope that some of the comments were just smart strategy (cynical adman in me) and there will be wiser Trump in the office.

Time will tell.

There have been lots of good articles of the reasons why Donald Trump won (both scientific and emotional), but there are three main reasons for the win that every marketer should take into account with their own marketing strategy:

1. Filter bubble

He (Trump) took advantage of a media landscape that has never been more broken, more fragmented and more open to misinformation, disinformation, and even outright hoaxes and lies.

– Matthew Ingram (Fortune)

I don´t have many Trump supporters in my Facebook friends. I don´t have lots of friends living in rural areas. My peer group is mostly comprised by knowledge workers, who have not gotten the short end of stick with globalization. Not to mention that I am Finn living in Singapore who does not really know anything about day-to-day life in USA. That is my digital world, but not the digital world for majority.

Not only in USA, the nations are divided. Is Super Bowl the last thing that brings all the people together in USA? And where digital has improved our life in many aspects, it has not brought us together. Media has lost its role as unifying force and you can nowadays ignore all the opinions that are against your worldview. Social media is not a conversation, it is a shouting match.

Never assume that your digital world is similar as your audience.

2. Top-of-mind is more important than positive sentiment

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

– Oscar Wilde

Many politicians and brands make the mistake of trying to please everyone. For majority, that is a huge mistake. Donald Trump is living proof of this. There were more people who were against him (Hillary got more votes) and he still won. The more people talk about you, the more you will gain followers. Sometimes angering 10 to gain 1 loyalist is worth it.

Find your audience. Only focus on that audience. Don´t try to please everyone.

3. Surveys are the most unreliable method of research

Hispanics won’t vote for Trump. Well, no, it turns out that Hispanics won’t tell pollsters – not even those automated telephone polls that they use in the States – that they will vote for Trump. Many of them just go out and quietly vote for Trump in larger numbers than they voted for Mitt Romney last time.

– John Rentoul (Independent)

If we would believe in surveys, everyone would be eating healthily, recycling and not voting for Trump. People lie in surveys. They want to portray certain image and are bad at self-reflecting. Words are cheap, behavior is the only thing that truly matters. Surveys and digital pre-testing are waste of money at their best and harmful at their worst. 

Don´t believe what people say. Follow how they move (location), how they spend their money (consumption patterns) and with whom they are in contact (social). 

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

-Winston Churchill

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Advertising is Just A Shortcut For Product Selection

“Brands are not the rich sources of differentiation marketers like to think of them as, but short cuts through the complexity of decision-making.”
Ian Leslie

I have been fighting against the lofty term engagement for a long time.

There is time and place for marketing activities that are not only aimed at reach. However, they should be approached like investing and with the notion that those activities will most likely fail. In terms of majority of marketing budget, you need to focus on top-of-mind. There are too many alternatives out there to every product imaginable so as a consumer you cannot be bothered. You want to buy your stuff and focus on other more important things in life. Advertising provides a shortcut for product selection. Therefore it is crucial to keep reaching people all the time, be consistent and be different than your competition.

In your next social media seminar there will be an annoying social media guru waxing lyrical about engagement. On that instance, close your ears and keep in mind these essentials:

1.Focus on light buyers.
Like professor Andrew Ehrenberg nicely put it: “your customers are customers of other products, who occasionally buy your products”. If you are doing consumer goods, you are mass product and you need to do mass advertising.

2.Focus on socially inactive audience.
1% of the people actually create content, while 99% are lurkers. Not all your activities should be focused to lurkers, but majority. 1% rule applies to general content in Internet. People who are creating content about your brand are on your payroll or they are crazy. Or both.

3.Focus on being focused.
Marketing directors and advertising agencies have short attention span. They feel the need to fix something that is not broken. They feel the need to tinker a brand that is in good shape. They want to innovate when they should stick to their guns. If you want people to remember you, you have to be consistent.

If you will keep your focus, you will be doing effective advertising.

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