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Anatomy of An Insight: Netflix GIF Campaign

Using technology is not an idea.

However, when you do something as cool as this you do not really need to unearth some deep insightful human truth. Sometimes it is just enough to surprise and delight your audience with that technology:

Insight: People are already making shitloads of gifs about TV series. Why Netflix would not use gifs about TV series in their advertising?

That insight itself is quite bland so we need couple of twists to make this interesting. This is what many people in agencies don´t realize. Advertising seldom is doing something completely new. It is adding new twists to proven tactics. Therefore we don´t necessarily need to do different things than our competitor, we just need to do it

Twist #1: Put gifs in outdoor. Internet is full of GIFs, your nearest MRT station not necessarily so. I deliberately exclude the fact this was “the first time outdoor ad that was done entirely with GIFs”, because that is just typical case study hyperbole. There is first time for everything. The first times are not necessarily relevant, pleasant or something you should have done in first place. Like having first soda ad in space. Why?

Twist #2: Make them contextually relevant*. Make the ads react to their surroundings (weather, location) and make them real-time.

So there you have it, a recipe for success:

Fairly OK insight+2 twists+ Nice technical execution=Really Great Campaign!

*Planners should deliberately stay away from jargon as majority of the advertising problems are translation problems.

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