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Anatomy of An Insight: Bud Jukebox

Marketing alcohol brands in bar setting is a delightful task, because generally your audience is quite willing to hear your proposition.

One of the smartest gimmicks I have encountered was in Divine Bar. When you order a wine bottle, “a wine fairy” goes to fetch the bottle with cable. The whole order was part of performance. It definitely got our group to order bottle of wine instead of just having regular pints. Actually they could even up the ante by placing the most expensive wines the highest to encourage even more splurging:

Wine Fairy

“Wine Fairy” reaching for the bottle in the middle of the picture (sorry for the blurry picture, it was a blurry night)

The following Budweiser activation is a brilliant idea merging together promotion to sell more beer and providing actual value to the consumer:

Budweiser – Bud Jukebox from Bruno de Carvalho Barbosa on Vimeo.

Insight: Choosing a beer in bar setting is quite arbitrary. You either choose what is on the tap or go with the best promotion. How could you do the beer promotion so it would have a little bit more idea on it? What value could you provide which goes beyond traditional discount?
Jukeboxes are social glue in bars. There are always people who want to play some music and also pay for it. What if you could have jukebox, which works with only Budweiser beer caps? Would you select Budweiser instead of Miller to get that “currency”?

The idea is just perfect for the bar setting: fun, simple and relevant for the product. Not to mention increasing sales of the product. I love ideas where you turn a neglected part of the product (this time beer cap) to something valuable.

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Anatomy of An Insight: ESPN New York Marathon Nipple Protectors

Marathon is insane both mentally and physically. That is the main reason I love it. Although I have already run 13 marathons, I am still scared shitless when I step to the finish line (next time is way too soon).

You also face lots of physical obstacles during the run. Knee pains, blisters, running to the bathroom with acute stomache, sore achilles tendon, having a heatstroke, getting a backache…And this is just a small recap of my trials and tribulations. One of the most annoying ones is shirt friction, which might cause bleeding nipples, if you forget to tape or put Vaseline to your nipples. Actually there is relatively big business built around that prevention.  Sometimes you might still forget your tape, and then you are in trouble. Therefore this ESPN activation from New York Marathon resonated well with me:

ESPN Nipple Protectors
Insight: Nipples bleed when you run marathon. We give you tape to prevent it.

Approach: You differentiate when you are not fighting with every other marketer from top-of-mind. Marathon swag bag is already overtly competed place. ESPN found a place, which was not populated by other marketing messages and provided also something useful at the same time.

This approach reminds me about our most successful festival promotion, when I was heading MySpace in Finland. Instead of trying to compete for attention in the actual festival area, we concentrated all our activities in camping area (where the real party happens in any case). As there were no other marketers or no real entertainment, people did not view our promotion as marketing communications but more of entertainment or service.

Good learning to keep in mind: go where the others are not going. You might win big. (Or the others know something you don´t and understand to keep away from it.) This example proves that you should not stay away from nipples.

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