Personal Blogs Are Dead. Long Live Personal Blogs.

Fish where the fish are.

That has been my mantra for a long time. It does not make sense for brands to build expensive destinations and then spend shitloads of money trying to force people to discover those destinations where they don´t want to go in a first place. Generally it is better to collaborate with existing successful destinations. Two thirds of the apps get under 1000 downloads. Same way as it makes more sense to borrow relevance from already popular unit than trying to make your brand popular yourself.

In many ways the same applies for blogging. We who are still blogging in WP, blogspot, etc. are relics of an old age. Nowadays if you have some thoughts you want to write, better to highlight them on Medium or LinkedIn. There is an existing user base and recommendation algorithm helps your content to pop out there. Majority of readers to this blog come from Twitter & LinkedIn, so why not be even closer to the reader?

I realize the value of Medium & LinkedIn, but at the same time I also recognize the value for having something “own”. Own naturally being quite relative term in here, because probably WordPress can switch my account off anytime. That is why it also still makes sense for companies to have a website. In the digital world where information ownership is getting centralized to few major players, it might still make sense to retain some of your intellectual property to yourself.

That being said, I will feature some of my “best” posts from here in Medium and later on LinkedIn. Mainly I want to test them out from user perspective and also compare the reach. Also being a lazy and egoistic person, I feel that I could easily revisit my highly intelligent gems with no big effort and get some more readers.
You can find the greatest hits in Medium.

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One thought on “Personal Blogs Are Dead. Long Live Personal Blogs.

  1. pascalswelt says:

    Fish where the fish is. So true. There is still a huge difference in reach between a relatively closed traget group like LinkedIn and a well distributed blog, though. I believe distributing into Social Networks and linking out to your Blog is at the moment still the way to go. But I agree that the “home-base” of the content won’t be a WP blog in the future but rather a content Plattform that distributes into various paid and earned channels.

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