Anatomy of An Insight: For Goodness Shakes

The best thing that can happen to your product ad is to get banned. Good example of this is the protein shake ad below:

Advertising Standards Authority in UK banned the ad because “it would cause serious or widespread offence.”

Yeah, right.

I think the problem with all these institutions is that they regard themselves as the target audience and assume everyone else is as humorless and dull as they are. That is typical problem for planners as well.

Well, whatever.

The ad itself is classic example of building the story around the dramatization of product feature (or lack of it).

Insight: Shaking protein drinks is a habit. This ad showcases that it looks stupid and there is better alternative: protein shake you do not need to shake.

Otherwise really basic, simple and functional product ad spiced with quite mild sexual innuendo resulted in the ban. Probably the ban proves to be goldmine for
“For Goodness Shakes” because of all the free publicity (like this blog post you are reading).

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