Anatomy of An Insight: The Scarecrow

Unlike Hollywood, Internet usually does not favor sequels. Of course there are always expectations to the rule:

If you are working in advertising it has been hard to avoid the new Chipotle ad. All the praises have been duly deserved; it is really great piece of work. Seldom you get such a wide variety of feelings by watching an advertisement. Which is really refreshing. Ad made me want to cry and also to have a burrito to wipe those tears with. There is a wide range of human emotions that trigger people to buy (both positive & negative). Unfortunately, too few advertisers are venturing outside the “smiling happy people”-convention and end results are boring at best and disastrous at worst.

Insight: Often to define yourself, it is more important to state what you are not than what you are. The majority of the ad is about everything that Chipotle does not represent (or at least say they do not represent).
Like Simon Veksner pointed out in his blog, it is dramatizing the negative. Which is the only proper way for challenger brand to behave. Old habits die hard, so you need to aggressively point the problems in incumbent. Saying happily that you are alternative, is not sufficient. If you are challenger brand, you have to challenge.

Scarecrow campaign is a great example of integrated approach. The video is just the starting point to play Scarecrow-game and the loop is nicely closed when you win the burritos after you finished all the stages.

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