Back in the day, the time before some lipstick salesman wandered in and bought the company and corporatized it, it was easy to make comics.

You had an idea, an editor said “Sounds cool. Why not?” and you did it.

Now there are pitches and proposals and committees and a character like Longshot would be so tangled in red tape from it all he´d end up consigned to the reject bing long before he´d ever be given a chance to jump up and stick to a wall.


-Ann Nocenti

Ann Nocenti is the creator of one of my favourite childhood comic heroes Longshot and a longtime contributor for Marvel Comics. She is most famous for her work for Daredevil & X-Men. Recently she has taken the task to reinvent Catwoman for DC Comics. Above quote is from the Longshot compilation.

Sounds cool. Why not?

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