Three Cool Technologies That Have Not (Yet) Been (Totally) Exploited by Marketers

Whenever new technology emerges, marketers have a small gap of opportunity to do campaigns concentrating purely on the novelty of new technology. And get away with it.

Consider augmented reality. When it was first introduced, we marketers ate the whole thing up and ranted about nearly every simple campaign utilizing that new technology even without any real idea behind it. Nowadays clients start to yawn if you mention AR even if it just starting to reach its full potential.

Such is the cycle from boom to bore. And it is getting faster every day.

There is always the novelty value of new, but also a value in rediscovery. So take a look on these not necessarily new but definitely emerging technologies, you might have a chance to ride on the big wave of opportunity:

1. 3D Printing

Apparently you can print out wearable bikinis, working riffles, custom chocolates and even kidneys with these machines. The technology has actually been around for three decades. Now with the emerging of more affordable 3D-printers (starting from 500$), they might soon be household items.

2. Holograms

Besides raising again the hot topic of Tupac being alive (which is naturally true), the above performance in Coachella sparked a sudden interest in holograms. Actually technology utilized is technically not hologram but an over century-old reflection technique called
Pepper´s ghost
. Nevertheless it was really impressive and initial cost of CGI & projection supposedly ranged around 100k-400k, which is not that impossible for forward-minded marketer aiming for big PR wins.

3. The Leap

Time to go Tony Starks.

So now just waiting the time that you cannot mention these ones in meetings any more.

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