Anatomy Of An Insight: Nike Barbershop

How do you know an ad gots a good insight?

When you see it, you find it so obvious that you nearly start beating yourself in the head, because you hadn´t used it before. I bet I wasn´t the only one with that reaction when I saw this Balotelli ad.

The main Nike Euro Film was great in all its megalomaniac glory and secret tunnels, but I appreciated the subtle irony in this Nike Barbershop ad & Facebook app.

The insight is simple: footballers have stupid personal-looking hairdos.

The better footballer, the more odd hairstyle. Or you do not even have to be so good, you should be remembered at least from your hair. I remember my first favourite player was Maradona (cool hair) then Ruud Gullit (even cooler hair), Valderrama (The most epic hair ever) and then Cantona (Ordinary hair, but super cool collar). Balotelli is not my favourite player, but he definitely holds it own on the hairdo front.

Good insight is someone that everyone knows, but no one has dared to use it yet.

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